Cap Sensor Indicator

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Material:Stainless steel

Item Volume:20

Item Height:3cm

Item Width:4.5cm

Pressure Range:32psi, 2.2Bar
fit on any standard size existing tire valve stem
Visually alerts you when the tire pressure is low to help avoid premature tire wear or blowouts from under-inflated tires

Color Indication:
Greenshows that tire pressure is normal.
Yellowshows that the pressure is down about 5 pounds.
Redalerts you that the pressure is down by at least 10 pounds.

tire pressure below the standard value

Tire life decrease

Item Type: : Alarm Systems & Security
Model Name: : xo27-2
Voltage: : 12V
External Testing Certification: : CE
Item Height: : 1cm
Item Weight: : 40g
Special Features: : Car Tyre Tire Pressure Monitor Indicator Valve Stem Cap
Brand Name: : CZS
Item Width: : 1cm
Item Length: : 2.3cm
Material Type: : Stainless steel


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